Sunday, October 27, 2013

you might be the best advice I ever took

Today my neighbor and his 3 year old washed my car while I was working on my paper. It was really dirty. I am lucky to be so well loved.

You might be the best advice I ever took. I think too far ahead and you say, for an optimist that's a pretty negative thing to say. Oh, you are so right. And you might be exactly what I need. I think you make me more honest, and you make me love myself because you love me so much. You might be the only person I feel safe with. Are we the way I want to go? You think I'm saving you, but I woke up into the freshness of the autumn morning and I felt whole, and big and happy. So I'm not gonna look down this time. I think you keep me young, and we're going up, babe.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

And I don't feel like ever getting well

What makes you think
We get any more than a little while?
All of us
What if things
Only burn fast and bright for you
The rest of us
Left to die by your side?