Monday, July 11, 2011

Star Child

Change is a funny thing. It takes a while, but after all the significant change I see and more importantly, feel, in my life, it's really remarkable how similar the present is to the past. It kinda makes me wonder if I'm standing still or not. Maybe life is a series of circles, and some of us are just waiting for the present to come back around and reclaim us. To be repossessed by the modern age. See, I believe my most persistent problem is in fact the product of my birthright. The reciprocal nature of my self, just a consummation of star patterns, a dual being in a single body, fit with distinct traits palpable to those who have the time. It's here I find the disconnect. My souls are out of sync. One leaves, one stays. One runs, one waits. In an attempt to avoid choosing on over the other, I pursue the dreams and ambitions of both, the development of which is exhausting. I'm the product of the overindulgence and neglect of two souls hell bent on destroying each other.   I guess suddenly, unexpectedly, I'm back wondering if I belong, and IF I belong, then where? and for what?