Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Into the Woods


And suddenly, to be was not enough. How I longed for it. Whether it was for something more, or just something else, I could not tell. But I wanted to know it. I wanted to get lost in the woods and never be found. I wanted to fade away as easily as I had been once become, into the softness of a morning rain, into the fragmented light that peered through the needled disintegrate so that the bits of me would become a part of everything in this place. I had never seen something so beautiful.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

L.B.'s Big Blue Eyes

And looking at her, seeing him in her...his nose, his smile. She loved him so. For the pieces of him that were in her. For the part of her that was so clearly a part of him.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Making it Out.

I appreciate
That you see through me
and you don't spare my feelings
when you say, you could have tried harder
calling me out
bruising my ego
its hard not to falter in that kind of spotlight
And if we're being honest I think
I'd rather be underestimated
afforded the element of surprise when
excuses fall away, wrapping paper on Christmas morning
It's hard to fight, no straight lines
so I laugh
because I know
my words are wasted on you.
You stood on the lattice of your convictions
and built a house
And I stand at the edge of mine
with a tent on my back
looking in, looking out.
I know you're on top now
But I still like the coal miner in you
writing poems on scraps of paper
coughing up dust
I know what you keep is a reminder from where you came
up, up from the very bottom of the earth
I know that first gasp of air, rays of perfect sunlight
like stepping out of a hospital after a long night
so fucking sweet. Just making it out.