Monday, November 2, 2015

i am more than my baby teeth

So I failed. Again. Over something tiny and nearly insignificant. Nearly. And I get to try again so why am I so upset? I think it's just stacking on top of each other. Crying is so graceless. Why take it so hard? I should be stronger. I feel isolated and in many ways powerless here. Selling my stuff to barely make any money. Looking at an empty bank account and trying to be strong. I could use a cushion here. I just hate not moving forward. I guess this is just the cherry on top. This is just too much, today. It's just a raw wound I guess. Tearing open a scab. Poor baby ego.

Get it together. Keep fucking going. Just keep tearing through. It will get better. And it could be so much worse. Remember your heroes. Become greater. This is part of it. This is part of growing. I just need a couple good weeks I think. Turn it around right?